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Inborn Engineering Solutions Uncategorized HVAC system for equipment cooling

HVAC system for equipment cooling

HVAC equipment designed for comfort air conditioning are often used for cooling server rooms , UPS rooms and such general equipment rooms as an average practice across the industry. The cost of installing precision air conditioning system and the lack of awareness may be the reasons behind. Poorly installed HVAC system often create frequent break downs, lower performance, larger energy cost etc.

Server machines, UPS machines and such equipment with heat sink shall have an inbuilt airflow system and the direction of airflow shall as well be defined by the equipment by itself. The designers of such facility shall collectively work towards achieving an airflow pattern that facilitate the equipment cooling along with all other desired functionalities.

We have re organised airflow patterns of certain facilities and even without replacing the HVAC equipment, apart from achieving a much enhanced performance, energy savings greater than 40% is also established.

Even in the case of smaller applications room air conditioners designed for comfort air conditioning application shall never be used for equipment cooling. Wall mounted split air conditioners, Window room air conditioners are often found with smaller facilities which eats out a larger share of energy.

Based on application and the techno commercial considerations, we propose such system that is best suited.

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