There is more to engineering than to service. There is more to service than to engineering.  We work on machines, we work on technology – because they work for you. 
We are practicing to make the technology we know to be yours, for this generation, leaving the share of the future generation for them. 

Researchers are pointing on to the need of sustainable development. Industries often forget to practice them. Our mission is powered by the strong will to develop and distribute sustainable development model for the industry and the generation now and ahead.

We do the complete design and build of comfort HVAC system. There are wide range of products available in the market, but selecting the most suitable one and installing the same for the best overall performance is essentially what experts can only do.
Range of Services We do in Comfort Air conditioning

Equipment Selection
Supply of HVAC Equipments
Installation, Testing & commissioning


Conditions required for human beings and other processes are different. There are cases where temperature and humidity levels need simultaneous attention.
Precision air conditioning systems take care of this requirement.
Range of Services We do in Precision Air conditioning

Equipment Selection
Supply of HVAC Equipment
Installation, Testing & commissioning

A Clean room is a conditioned space where the cleanliness in terms of dust particles are controlled within a pre defined limit defined by a governing body. Various filtration techniques are applied to control the particle count within the set limits.

Applications of Clean Rooms
Pharma Industry

Food manufacturing & packaging Units
Electronic component manufacturing
Hospitals, Operation theatres etc.



Need for mechanical ventilation has over ages increased in proportion to the envelope size of the buildings. A common way of quantifying the ventilation rate is by specifying in terms of the quantity as multiple of the volume of the enclosed space per unit time. Say if the ventilation system displaces an equivalent to five times the volume of an enclosed space in an hour, it is specified as 5 Air changes per hour (ACH)
Depending on the applications, the ventilation rate varies which decides the amount of air that is to be fed and extracted.


We do energy audits of building and industrial units, often for evaluating HVAC system  improvement plans. A general awareness of energy consumption and its control is followed by every of the team member in order to ensure that sufficient information is given to the client regarding the efficiency of their system and requirement for addressing the issues if any in time.

HVAC systems in general is the single largest consumer of electrical energy in commercial buildings and amount to 60-70% of in most cases in India. 


We are fully with the idea of taking only the share kept for us.  This generation is flourished with inventions those make human life comfortable than ever. A thing common to many of the inventions is that they all anywhere in their life cycle exploits more resource than the generation deserves.
Energy is in high demand and the fossil fuel reserves are depleting in alarmingly high rate. Renewable source of energy is taking its stake to flatten the surge of energy demand and pollution.