Energy Audits

We do energy audits of building and industrial units, often for evaluating HVAC system  improvement plans. A general awareness of energy consumption and its control is followed by every of the team member in order to ensure that sufficient information is given to the client regarding the efficiency of their system and requirement for addressing the issues if any in time.

HVAC systems in general is the single largest consumer of electrical energy in commercial buildings and amount to 60-70% of in most cases in India. Improvement in energy consumption pattern of HVAC system is never as simple as replacing with a more energy efficient device of the same out put. It requires identification of the most suitable technology, design the system with the best efficiency points of the equipment, optimising load by adopting process analysis, use of proper capacity control mechanisms, maintenance plans and so on.

As energy is an invaluable resource and saving energy is a collective responsibility of everyone, we encourage and support all such programs and are passionate of conducting such studies and propose improvement methodology.