A Clean room is a conditioned space where the cleanliness in terms of dust particles are controlled within a pre defined limit defined by a governing body. Various filtration techniques are applied to control the particle count within the set limits.
Applications of Clean Rooms
Pharma Industry

Food manufacturing & packaging Units
Electronic component manufacturing
Hospitals, Operation theaters etc.

Clean Room Services we offer:
We provide complete clean room solutions and take turnkey clean room projects.

Clean Room envelope
Epoxy flooring
HVAC equipment
Air distribution duct works & terminals
Air Filters including HEPA
ESP units
Clean room lighting & fixtures
Clean Room Monitoring devices
Pass Boxes
Laminar Airflow Units
Clean Room accessories

Clean rooms vary widely with respect to applications, hence the designs. By properly understanding the needs, following the guidelines set by the governing bodies of the industry which the clean room belongs, customising for the user specific aspects and work flow, we construct clean rooms to the optimum performance level.