Important Notice in view of precautions to prevent spread of  Pandemic Covid -19 

In accordance with the advice received from the government, our premises are shut and there will be delay in services. If any emergency support is required please mail to support@inborn.in

We wish safety for everyone. Stay home, stay safe.

Engineering has not come to us by chance.  
With innate passion for engineering, we are committed to find that solution which if replaced by the best alternative is not different than what we did.
We salute the great engineers and scientists of the world who paved the way for us to walk.
Dedicating our works to them, we take our efforts to create more for the world.


Clean Rooms

A Clean room is a conditioned space where the cleanliness in terms of […]

Excellence comes with passion. We are passionate on engineering, hence our projects excel for being well engineered.

Inborn Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd is in the venture of providing  various engineering solutions. With meditation to the core subject, we deliver long lasting performance on our design and installations. We provide solutions to all the core areas of HVAC industry namely, comfort air conditioning, industrial heating and cooling applications, clean rooms, pharma and precision air conditioning.

Efficient utilization of energy is essential for sustainable development. It is our commitment to the world to ensure the best of energy efficiency of our designs and installations. In addition to practicing energy efficiency on our own designs and installations, we are happy to share our view on improving energy efficiency of existing installations as well. Energy audits are available from us for various installations, with core focus on HVAC installations.

Non conventional energy sources are need of the hour. We are in to the business of designing, supplying and installation of solar power plants. With detailed analysis, we establish the requirement of the intended application in terms of generation requirement, peak consumption, storage, export etc. and provide with the most suitable techno commercial solution.